Established in 1937, R. J. Draper & Co Ltd has been making the highest quality shearling slippers, boots, gloves, and accessories for over 85 years. The company is still owned by the same family today. The Glastonbury factory is the oldest shearling footwear manufacturer in the United Kingdom, and the Glastonbury area itself has been famous for shearling since the 12th century AD. Four generations of the Draper family have worked for the company, and thousands of local skilled craftspeople and their families have worked in the factory too.

Mens shearling slippers

Handmade in Great Britain since 1937

Our shearling slippers and boots are handmade from start to finish. They are made using the ‘turned’ construction, which is highly skilled and requires strong hands and years of experience with leatherwork. There is evidence of leathermaking on our site dating back to 1886 and the Glastonbury area has been the heart of the UK’s shearling industry for over 1000 years when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins.

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We offer a huge selection of shearling products from shearling footwear to shearling gloves, rugs and accessories. They are designed to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, whilst also keeping you cool during the summer, as shearling is a fantastic natural material that can regulate temperature. Our sheepskin slippers and boots are available in a huge range of styles from traditional to contemporary, and they are designed to last for many years. It is time to end the throwaway fashion culture; our traditional styles will be popular in years to come, and this sustainable approach is another reason our footwear is so popular.

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