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Mens Shearling Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in mens shearling slippers. We have over 80 years of experience in manufacturing the finest quality slippers, and are the oldest shearling slipper makers in the UK today. Our English factory is based in Glastonbury, Somerset, which is an area famous for its shearling industry dating back to the 12th century AD.

Made in Great Britain

Our shearling slippers are made using the 'turned' construction, which means the slippers are made inside out, and are hand turned before being lasted and finished. Manufacturing mens shearling slippers is a skill, and here at Draper of Glastonbury we have generations of experience. We are a family run business, with four generations of the family having run the business. 

Shearling slippers are the warmest and most comfortable slippers you can buy. The are hydroscopic, which means they can absorb a third of their weight in water without becoming damp. It means that your feet will stay extremely warm without becoming sweaty, and it means they will also keep you cool in the summer months too. Above all, shearling is a natural material, which no man made material can compete with.

All of our mens shearling lined slippers can be purchased directly from us here online, and we offer free delivery and returns throughout USA. We also offer express shipping if you require them sooner. These will be the very best slippers you have ever owned.

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