Mens Shearling Boots

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts at making the finest quality mens shearling boots. Established in 1937, we are the oldest producers of shearling footwear in the UK, and our factory in England is located in Glastonbury, which is an area famous for shearling since the 12th century AD. Each pair of boots takes around four weeks to finish, and they are hand made at each stage of production.

Luxuriously Warm Sheepskin Lined Boots for Mens

We use only the finest quality materials of shearling and leather to produce our mens boots. They are British shearlings and leathers, from tanneries based locally to our factory. These are the most comfortable and warmest winter boots that you can buy, and are built to last for many years. The soles are non-slip, which makes them ideal for icy conditions. You can use them for walking long distances in the country or for town and city use too.

Mens shearling boots by Draper of Glastonbury have adjustable laces that go down the front side of the boot, so you can make sure they fit perfectly to your feet. The boots come just above your ankles, so that they keep the warmth in to your feet and provide extra support too. They have our signature British shearling lining right the way through down to the toes, which provides natural warmth. They are often worn with socks or without, and this just depends on your personal preference. You should order your normal shoe size, because we take into consideration the shearling lining, so the fitting should be perfect.

We offer free delivery and free returns throughout the USA, and express shipping is also available too.

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