Womens Shearling Gloves

Womens shearling gloves here at Draper of Glastonbury are made from premium quality soft lambskins. They are hand sewn using techniques that have been passed down through 80 years and four generations of the Draper family. Our factory in England has been manufacturing gloves since 1937, and each pair will take up to four weeks to make. They are the best sheepskin gloves and mittens you can buy for cold weather conditions.

100% Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens

Our shearling gloves are perfect for winter days shopping in the city, or for long walks in the countryside too. You can use them while skiing too, in the evenings to ensure your fingers are as warm as they can be. Sheepskin is a luxurious natural material, and it is the warmest solution in truly cold winter conditions. We use only the softest materials in our womens shearling mittens, gloves, and wristwarmers, so that your fingers and hands can move around freely. This makes them practical for daily use, as well as the warmest solution around for cold weather conditions.

Our Gloves have a classic design with modern detailing

Shearing is a fantastic natural material that is breathable. It is the skin of an animal, which means that it naturally regulates the temperature. It keeps the warmth in when it is cold, and even keeps you cool when it is warm. It is hygroscopic, which means it can absorb a third of its weight in water without becoming damp, so it is naturally waterproof.

Sheepskin is much better than wool alone for warmth. The reason is because the wool on shearling is much softer and hard wearing than the wool that is shaven off and put onto a man made backer. It will last much longer, and the leather attached to the wool is extremely warm and hard wearing too. The combination of both results in the best material to keep your hands as warm as possible.


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