Shearling Moccasin Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in high quality shearling moccasin slippers. Established over 85 years ago, our factory in England has been manufacturing premium shearling moccasins since 1937. Four generations of the Draper family have run the company and thousands of highly skilled local people and families have worked in the factory too. Glastonbury has been famous for shearling since the 12th century AD when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins, so over a thousand years of heritage goes into each pair of slippers we produce.

Step into Luxury with Our 100% Genuine Shearling Moccasins

Our mens shearling moccasin slippers are the best for wider fitting, as the stitching goes all around the top of the toes and allows for plenty of room at the toe area. The lace goes all the way around the back of the slipper too, so you can adjust the width and fitting. They are a timeless design that will always be popular in years to come, and we expect our slippers to last for many years.

Shearling moccasin slippers womens include our most popular design called Reo, which has a traditional leather sole and our signature sheepskin lining. This is a classic style which has been made in our factory for over 85 years and continues to be highly popular.

Soft sole moccasin slippers are the best for carpet wear, as they will keep your floors in excellent condition and will protect the surfaces that you walk upon. They are the most flexible option and this makes them extremely comfortable to walk around in.

Sheepskin moccasin slippers are individually handmade in our factory in England and are sold throughout the world. We supply directly online and have a speedy delivery service with free delivery options to the USA and Canada.

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