Womens Shearling Boots

Here at Draper of Glastonbury we are experts when it comes to womens shearling boots. We specialise in shearling, suede, lambswool and leather, and have been making the best quality boots since 1937 in our factory in England. Our materials are sourced locally in Britain, and each pair of boots take up to four weeks to make. We offer traditional styling with modern detailing on our shearling boots.

Ladies shearling lined boots

Womens shearling boots sold here have non slip rubber soles which make them perfect for cold winter days and nights. They will grip to all different surfaces to ensure maximum safety while walking. They are great in icy and frosty conditions, and there is nothing warmer than shearling lining in boots. Our shearling goes all the way down the toes, to ensure that your feet remain as warm as possible, which improves circulation in your feet and toes. Our womens shearling boots are designed to last for many years, so they represent great value for money.

Tall and short boots

Here at Drapers we offer shearling boots in many different sizes and heights. We have boots which are tall and come to near your knees, while we have other calf height boots and smaller ankle boots too. We have side zip boots, as well as front zip boots for easy access. Black and brown are the main colours of boot that we offer, as well as spice too which is a natural colour for shearling. All of our boots are treated to be water resistant, so they are great during all weather conditions.

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