Womens Shearling Slippers

We have been making the finest quality womens shearling slippers in our factory in England since 1937. Four generations of the Draper family have run the company. The Glastonbury area has been the center of the UK’s sheepskin industry for over 1000 years, since the time of Glastonbury Abbey, and we are now the oldest sheepskin footwear manufacturer in the UK. Each pair of slippers is handcrafted using the finest sheepskins in the country.

Treat Your Feet This Winter with 100% Genuine Sheepskin Footwear

Our womens shearling moccasins are very popular, timeless designs. Our style, Reo, has a traditional leather sole with a sheepskin lining, making it lightweight, flexible, and extremely comfortable. Our moccasin called Kelly is made with a lightweight rubber sole, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so if you need to go out to the garden, these can be used for that purpose, too.

Women's shearling booties are increasingly popular as they come up to the ankles for added warmth and comfort on the coldest winter evenings. They have a lightweight rubber sole and come in many modern designs, so they look great. Our boot slippers include our most popular style, Camilla, which has a sheepskin collar that can fold up or down for greater flexibility of look and warmth.

Best Women's Sheepskin Slippers - Comfort You Deserve

Our shearling mule slippers easily slip on and off without bending over to put them on. When you come home after a hard work day, nothing is better than putting on your favorite slippers and resting your feet. Our women's hard-soled slippers are practical, comfortable, and lightweight, so you can nip outside when doing the bins.

Our ladies sheepskin slippers are entirely handmade from start to finish with strict quality control. Our factory in England is renowned worldwide for the quality of our products. We offer free delivery and returns to the USA and Canada.

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