Mens Driving Shoes

Mens driving shoes by Draper of Glastonbury are made from high-quality leathers and suedes. Each pair is fully lined with leather, to ensure maximum comfort and durability. We are manufacturers of fine English footwear, and our factory in England was established in 1937 over 80 years ago. Mens summer driver shoes are one of our best selling types of footwear today, and they are designed for the summer months for both smart and casual wear. They are great to wear on weekends with shorts, or they can be equally as stylish with a pair of chinos and a shirt at work during the week.

Mens suede driving shoes

Mens suede driving shoes are both lightweight as well as durable and flexible. They are great to walk in and are extremely comfortable to wear day in day out. The moccasin construction with the stitching around the top of the toes allows for plenty of room at the toe area, which is one of the factors as to why they are so comfortable.

Mens leather driving shoes

Mens leather driving shoes come in a standard width fitting, in many different sizes. They are slightly wider rather than narrow, so the fitting is comfortable. The most popular colours are brown and navy in both leather and suede, and they are held in stock all year around.

Luxury Loafers and Driving Shoes for Men

Here at Drapers we offer free delivery and free returns to the United States so that you can purchase and try any of our footwear. We are very confident that you will be able to find the perfect driving shoes for you, and we are confident in the quality of our shoes to fit you perfectly. Just take a look at our size guide for more information on fitting, or contact us if there is anything else that you might need to know.  

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