Mens Shearling Gloves

Our mens shearling gloves are extremely soft and flexible and are made from our premium signature British lambskin. This means that your fingers can move around easily whilst being kept extremely warm and comfortable. They are perfect for cold winter evenings outside while walking in the country or shopping in the city. Each pair is handsewn by our expert craftsmen and women. Our factory is based in England and has over 80 years of experience making the best quality sheepskin gloves and mittens.

Luxury Sheepskin Gloves from Drapers are the Warmest Gloves You Can Buy This Winter

We offer black and brown mens sheepskin lined gloves here online and free delivery and returns throughout the USA. We also offer express shipping too. They are excellent value for money and are made to last many years. We have many sizes, and you can measure your size by the circumference around your knuckles. They make the perfect Christmas present and gift, and with the right care, they will last for a long time. They are naturally the warmest winter gloves you can order online now.

Over four generations of experience go into each pair of gloves that we produce, and we take great care and attention to detail. They are the best quality and warmest winter gloves and mittens you can buy today.

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