Can Shearling Slippers be Worn in Wet Conditions?

Shearling footwear happens to be one of the most popular choices at the time when it comes to choosing warm and comfy slippers. Shearling lined slippers are readily preferred, which can be clearly understood from the rising demand for the same. Winter months are the perfect time to wear these slippers because they keep feet warm and cozy.

shearling lined slippers

Shearling slippers are quite luxurious in nature and are made out of genuine sheepskin, thereby providing every wearer with unmatched comfort and insulation. However, there is one common question that arises every now and then. The question is whether these slippers can be worn in wet conditions or not. To understand the suitability of these slippers in wet conditions, let's go a bit deeper into the topic.

Shearling is Naturally Water Resistant

Shearling slippers are costly as compared to other types of slippers. Therefore, at the time when you have invested in a pair of slippers, you will certainly not want to ruin the beloved pair due to the wet conditions. Though it is recommended not to wear these types of slippers in wet conditions, if you do not get a chance to change, it is not a very big reason to worry.
In this regard, it is important to know that shearling is water resistant in nature and hence offers good protection in wet conditions. It is exactly the reason why sheepskin slippers are able to survive better as compared to other slippers made from leather, suede, and others. However, the major thing to keep in mind is the after-care after the slippers are worn in wet conditions. Properly caring for these slippers after wearing them in wet conditions will make sure that they are in the right condition and last for a longer span of time without compromising on their functionality. Let's take a closer look at the suitability of these slippers in wet weather.

Looking After the Wet Shearling Slippers

At any point in time, the pair of shearling sheepskin slippers get wet Unfortunately, taking care of them properly is the key. The most important thing to keep in mind here is to let the slippers dry naturally. Make sure not to hurry to dry it as quickly as possible or expose the slippers to too much heat. It is to be kept in mind that shearling is basically the skin of the sheep with the wool on it. Therefore, it is not to be dried using a tumble drier or a piping radiator. It is ideal to keep the slippers in a warm and airy space to let them dry naturally.

ellen shearling slippers

Work the Sheepskin to Break the Fibers

Once the slippers dry slowly, they might begin to tighten up a bit and become hard. Now, in order to make them soft again or just loosen them, it is required to wear them again. It is required to work the sheepskin to break the wool fibers open again, meaning that you need to gently knead it or simply roll it through your hands as you work on your own hair or the hair of your pet through your fingers. It might be required to stretch the lambskin slippers open a bit but make sure not to do too much or too hard.

Remove the Rain Spots

There might be visible rain spots on the shearling lined slippers if they were caught in a drizzle. These spots can be easily removed by buffing the pair with a dry scouring pad or brush, which has a crust on one of its sides and foam on the other. You need to gently stroke the slippers with the foam side of the scouring brush, and use the crust side only when the foam side has no impact on the removal of the rain spots. This, in turn, will make sure that the pair of sheepskin footwear continues to look great again with the same softness and luster.

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