Drapers’ Authentic Shearling Slippers - A Comfort Solution

Shearling slippers are made of natural sheepskin fibers to warm up your feet. Add more cuteness and comfort by getting the best shearling slippers in town which are a must-have in your wardrobe collection. These genuine shearling slippers are made inside out and then they are turned right before giving it the finishing touch. The expertise in manufacturing them has been passed over for four generations and is a family run business that is trying to provide its best to the customers. Looking for one reason as to why you should get a pair of Draper shearling slippers? Check out the six reasons why you need one:

shearling slippers


Shearling slippers are soft and they make your feet feel amazing and warm. Made from natural sheepskin, the comfort is unmatched and it is something that is not available in any of the other materials.


Not only are these slippers comfortable, but they also look absolutely stylish and uber-cool. With the variety and multiple colors to choose from, these are definitely the best slipper you could ever buy.

#Temperature Resistance

Shearling slippers have a kind of thermostatic effect due to which they provide protection against extreme weather conditions. These slippers regulate the moisture on your feet thereby keeping you warm when winter and provide you cooling effect during summers.

#Water Resistance

Original Draper shearling slippers keep the moisture away from hitting your feet. The Wool fleece acts as an insulation between your skin and water.


Sheepskin fibers are durable and they act just like spring would act in a cushion by providing maximum comfort level. Another added advantage is that the weight gets distributed evenly which helps in increasing the amount of blood that is flowing to the feet.

#Anti-bacterial and Eco-friendly

The best part of using sheepskin fibers is that they are naturally anti-bacterial. Therefore, there is no question of foot odor and itchiness while using genuine shearling slippers. Since sheepskin is natural and not synthetic, they are bio-degradable making them the best choice against synthetic ones.

Where to buy shearling slippers? 

If you are wondering where to buy shearling slippers, you have landed yourself in the right place. Draper of Glastonbury is one of the very few slippers manufacturers that has been making these since 1937. Draper shearling slippers are carefully crafted following the "tuned" construction technique. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself the best pair of shearling slippers from Drapers and enjoy the comfort, durability and protect your feet from all kinds of weather conditions. Order online today and give your feet the feel of shearling softness. There is no doubt, that these would be the best pair of slippers you have ever owned. Choose from a variety of styles and colors and be the envy of the party!

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