An Understanding of the History of Shearling Boots

Shearling boots have been quite common in recent times. We have seen a lot of popularity of these boots and slippers among the users. The immense popularity of these boots can be very clearly understood from the rising demand for the same. Most importantly, these boots and slippers can be worn by almost all regardless of gender and age. Hence, the popularity of these boots made out of shearling sheepskin is simply overwhelming. There are a number of reputed manufacturers, sellers, and brands that make boots and slippers from shearling sheepskin. At the time of buying, the buyers should make sure that they select only trusted brands, manufacturers, or sellers in order to make sure that they get only 100% genuine products.

popularity of Shearling Boots

Reasons for Popularity of Shearling Boots

The popularity of these boots made from shearling has been ever-rising, and there are a number of reasons behind the same. Let us dive a bit deeper into the topic to understand the major reasons for the popularity of shearling sheepskin boots and slippers.

  • These boots are extremely comfortable to wear and can be worn continuously for a long period of time without any kind of problems.
  • Shearling has the potential to wick away moisture from the feet, thereby making these boots perfect to be worn in all seasons.
  • These boots are long-lasting in nature.

 A Brief History

A common material that we tend to see today in boots from Australia like the world-famous Uggs has been actually used for centuries. The earliest evidence of the use of shearling boots is on a mummy found in China from 500 B.C. However, there is also a mention of Plato writing about people wearing shearling around their feet in ancient Greece. Thus, it gives a clear indication that it was a worldwide trend. These are the few pieces of evidence of the popular forms of shearling boots. Moreover, these boots were not too different from the types that we wear today.

History of Shearling Boots

A number of tribal cultures, including the Eskimos and the people of Tibet, have also been wearing shearling boots. These types of boots were used in Tibet during ceremonies and for dancing. These boots made from shearling are available in a wide array of different colors and styles. The Inuit people and the Eskimos would oil the boots so that they become waterproof in nature. They usually used seal or whale oil. There is evidence that Russian boots were also made out of shearling sheepskin. This is in order to prevent the wearers with sub-zero temperatures during the rough winters. The same craftsmanship of the boots has survived even to this day which is exactly the reason as to why a number of top winter or snow boots are made out of shearling.

Shearling boots were manufactured in Glastonbury, England, by the Morlands brand in the past 100 years. These boots were, during their initial period was, used for driving around. It is because of the fact that the first cars were open that left the feet of the drivers exposed. There is proof that the shearling boots from the brand Morlands were used by Sir Edmund Hilary at the time when he climbed Mount Everest. It was used as a way to protect the feet from cold temperatures and keep the feet warm instead of using them for the purpose of climbing mountains. In addition to this, these boots made out of shearling were used by aviators at that time who were required to protect their feet from cold when they were up in the sky.

What do We see Today?

Today, we see that shearling boots are quite common in the world of fashion. A number of celebrities and fashion followers wear these boosts to flaunt their style. These boots are extremely elegant and stylish. We can also see these boots being worn by common people too to give them a luxurious feel. They are also used for practical purposes. At the time, when you look at the wide array of styles of boots made from shearling, it feels great to imagine the rich history that shearling footwear has had. Used for more than a few thousands of years as of now, wearing these boots is a trend that would certainly continue.

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