What is the Best Way to Protect Your Shearling Shoes?

Shearling shoes are so adorable that when one buys a pair, they want them to stay looking brand new as long as they possibly could be. In fact, this is the best way to get out of them. Thus, there are a few easy tips that need to be followed when buying a pair of shearling shoes. The first thing that is to be kept in mind when buying these shoes is that they are not waterproof. So, you need to waterproof or water-resistant them.

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Let us see how the shearling shoes can be waterproofed...

1. Use a suede protector

For spraying, any suede or shearling protector can be used, specially designed to be resistant to spills and stains. In regions, where it does not rain more often in the winters, they can be covered with plenty of protection, and it would be fine when you leave the house. The suede and the shearling easily change color when wet. Applying a good suede protector is the best way to stay pristine at the very first stage.

2. The water or dirt stains should be immediately cleaned

If the dirt is left on the shoes or the clothes, it is harder to clean them or shift them. This holds true for the hard sole shearling shoes too. The dirt and water affect the look of these shoes. To remove the surface dirt or the water that has soaked in, suede cleaner along with water can be used to remove the stain before it actually happens.

3. Do not expose your shoes to direct sunlight

No matter, how hard we try to protect our shoes; they are bound to get wet at some point. So, under such circumstances, the way you dry them is of utmost importance. If you subject them to direct sunlight or heat, it could prove detrimental, rather even worse than getting wet or gathering dirt. It is better that you clean the dirt residue off the shoes and allow them to dry naturally away from direct natural sunlight.

 4. No need to worry if they change color slightly?

There is no need to worry when shearling shoes change color, as they change color slightly over time. In fact, at times they look better with a bit of natural aging.

5. Be concerned about their protection, but enjoy them at the same time

These shoes still get dirty, even if you do whatever possibly you can to keep them looking new. But this attitude should not come in the way of your enjoyment.


The shearling shoes should be protected from dirt and water and cleaned properly. But, this strictly does not imply that you restrict yourself from enjoying them. Leave your worries and wear your shoes with pride and enjoy the great investment that a pair of genuine shearling footwear can be.

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