Why is Shearling So Expensive?

Shearling happens to be a luxurious as well as highly sought-after material. It is especially known for its superior warmth, high-level comfort, and timeless style. Regardless of whether shearling is used in fashion, home decor, or accessories, it is such a material that is very hard to replicate with other materials, which is exactly why the products made from shearling stand out from the others.
However, the price tag associated with shearling and its products is often a reason to raise eyebrows. The major question that arises in this regard is "Why is shearling so expensive?" Let's take a look at the reasons behind the high price of shearling moccasin slippers or any other shearling item.

  • Source of Raw Material

One of the major reasons behind the high price of shearling is the source of the raw material, and it depends on where shearling comes from. Shearling is made from the skin of young sheep or lambs, which produces the softest as well as the highest-quality fur. These sheep or lambs are bred and raised specifically for their skin. The overall process, starting from rearing to harvesting, needs a significant volume of investments in terms of cost, time, care, and resources. The cautious selection as well as breeding of these sheep or lambs play a significant role in contributing to the high price of shearling and its products.

  • Grading and Proper Quality Control

Shearling moccasin slippers and other products made out of shearling are well known for their top quality and consistency. In order to achieve the quality and consistency requirements, manufacturers make use of stringent quality control measures. The skin from sheep or lambs needs to be very carefully inspected for any kind of imperfections, inconsistencies, or blemishes. In this regard, only the highest quality of shearling meets the strict quality criteria set by manufacturers. This, in turn, further decreases the overall production of usable material and contributes to the high cost.

  • Tanning and Processing

The method of transforming raw shearling into a usable material happens to be an extremely laborious process and at the same time needs a superior level of skill as well as effort. After the sheep of lambs are skinned, the wool is separated from the skin with immense care. After that, the skin undergoes a diligent process of tanning. It is to make sure that the wool appropriately retains its natural color, softness, and durability. The process of tanning involves a wide range of treatment procedures, including washing, soaking, and conditioning. Each of the procedures needs specialized equipment and knowledge. The extensive processing as well as superior quality control significantly add to the price of shearling.
  • Requirement of Skilled Labor

The manufacturing of shearling products, such as sheepskin slippers, jackets, boots, rugs, blankets, or any other items needs highly skilled artisans who possess an in-depth understanding of the overall working process of this delicate material. The wages of these skilled artisans are quite high because of their specialized knowledge and the conscientious nature of their work. The overall artistry involved in manufacturing products made out of shearling is a factor that contributes to their high price.

  • Availability is Limited

The availability of shearling is relatively limited as compared to other materials. The rigorous quality control measures and the sourcing of shearling from specific animals result in a limited supply. With the rising demand for shearling moccasin slippers and various other shearling products, the supply of high-quality shearling becomes limited which further drives up its cost.


After reading through the post, it can be very clearly understood that the high cost of shearling can be attributed to a combination of an array of factors, such as the sourcing of premium raw materials, strict quality control, labor-intensive processing, skilled craftsmanship, and limited availability. While shearling moccasin slippers and other shearling products are available at a high price, buyers can certainly consider them to be a worthwhile investment in terms of quality, luxury, longevity, durability style, comfort, and exclusivity that stands the test of time.

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