British Lambskin Gloves

British lambskin gloves are often considered the best quality gloves available, and British manufacturing is renowned around the world for being of the highest standards. British brands are sought after because of their classic styling and attention to detail, and the tradition that they stand for. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we started making gloves in 1937, and our factory in Glastonbury is family owned and is now the oldest sheepskin specialist manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We produce the finest quality lambskin gloves which are exported around the world. We offer free delivery throughout the United States.

Great Britain lambskin gloves are considered high quality, and at Drapers we maintain that standard. Our gloves are individually handmade from start to finish, and take around four weeks to make. Our skilled craftspeople have been working with shearling for most of their lives, and this results in the very best mens lambskin gloves obtainable anywhere in the world. Gloves need to be soft as well as flexible and long lasting too, and there is no better material than real shearling.

Lambskin gloves from Britain are extremely warm and comfortable, and are absolutely perfect for the coldest winter conditions when there is ice and snow on the ground. They are typically worn in very cold areas of the world, including Russia, Canada and Norway, and shearling has been a popular material to manufacture womens British lambskin gloves from for thousands of years because it is a natural material that has been readily available for such a long time. Glastonbury, in England, has been famous for shearling since the 12th century AD when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins, and now here at Drapers we are the oldest shearling specialist company in the area.

Fingerless lambskin gloves are available in many different designs, including mittens, ordinary gloves, cuff gloves with a cuff that goes over the wrists, as well as leather gloves and butterfly gloves. It depends on your personal preference of the design, because each and every type will keep your hands very warm. The ladies lambskin gloves UK should fit your hand perfectly, and it is important to measure your hands correctly before purchasing. You can find our size guide here on our website. They will give a little with wear because the woolly inside will flatten down slightly, and the shearling will mould to the shape of your hand too. So it is normal for them to feel a little snug at first.
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