Calf Leather Slippers

Calf leather slippers are extra soft slippers made from a subtle leather. They are extra comfortable because they are flexible to wear and they will instantly feel comfortable on your feet, unlike tougher leathers that are often found in footwear. They will instantly mould to the shape of your foot, and will not need any ‘wearing in’ time. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in calf leather slippers, which are handmade in our own factory in England which was established back in 1937. We are a family business, and our expert craftspeople have worked in our factory for most of their working lives. They are true experts at each individual stage of production, and our slippers made from calf leather are made by hand from start to finish. Only the finest quality calf leathers are used to make our slippers, which are sourced from the United Kingdom. We offer free delivery throughout the United States.

Our soft calf leather slippers come in two distinct styles; mules and Grecian. Our calf leather mules include our style called William, which is a men’s slipper and it has a calf leather upper, leather lining and leather sole. It is a classic slip on style, and is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Our Grecian style (slipper with a back) is called Charles, which comes in two different width fittings, and it also has a calf leather upper, leather lining and leather sole too. They are both styles for men which have been popular for over a hundred years, and continue to sell very well. The leather lining is unique and is something that makes those mens black calf leather slippers last much longer than competitors’ slippers.

We have shearling lined high quality calf leather slippers available too, including our style called Philip which is very popular. It has a calf leather upper, shearling lining all the way through, and a suede sole for flexibility. As with all of our slippers, they are handmade in our own factory in England, so we ensure the quality standards of each and every pair of calfskin leather slippers USA. They are handmade to perfection, with every last detail taken care of.

Our regular calf leather slippers womens include our style called Mary which has an elastic gusset at the front to allow for the perfect fitting, and it has a soft fabric lining and an outdoor sole. It is a practical slipper that can be worn all year around. They will make you look forward to coming home at the end of your day and slipping into your perfect house shoes.
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