Classic Shearling Slippers

Classic shearling slippers are our expertise here at Draper of Glastonbury, and we have a massive selection for you to choose from. We are the oldest manufacturers of shearling slippers in the UK today, and our factory was established in 1937 in the South West of England. We are a family-run business, with many years of experience, and most of our production staff have been working for the company for most of their working lives. Each pair of slippers is individually handmade, with a vigorous process that takes over four weeks to finish.

Stay Warm & Cozy All Winter Long with Classic Shearling Mules

We offer a range of classic shearling mules slippers for both men and women, and we offer traditional slippers with suede soles as well as modern designs with rubber soles for indoor and outdoor use. Our men’s designs include our famous Daniel slipper, which has a brown suede upper, our signature shearling lining throughout right the way down to the toes, and a durable rubber sole. It is a perfect slip-on and off slipper, that will hopefully suit your requirements perfectly.

Protect Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Real Shearling Classic Moccasins

Classic shearling moccasin slippers are also extremely popular, and our women’s style called Daisy is one of the most popular slippers that we sell. It is a modern design, with a lower cut at the top of the foot for added style. It has our signature shearling lining and a rubber sole too.

Get High-Quality Handmade Classic Shearling Booties for Womens & Mens

Classic shearling booties slippers are what we specialize in, and we have styles for both men and women too. They can fold up over the ankles, to ensure that your feet are kept warm and cozy, and there is nothing warmer than a bootie. We also offer classic shearling house slippers such as our best-selling classic style for men called Anton. It is our best-seller, and has been popular throughout the world for over 80 years, and continues to this day.

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