Double Faced Sheepskin Boots

Sheepskin boots can be made in two different ways: with double faced sheepskin or with a suede outer and a sheepskin lining. Here we will explain the difference between the two and the benefits of each. We have been manufacturing high quality sheepskin footwear in our own factory in England since 1937, and we are a fourth generation family owned company.

Our shearling boots are made with one piece of material that forms the upper of the boot; 100% natural sheepskin. The inside has the wool on, which is extremely soft, comfortable, and warm to wear. This part touches your feet inside of the boot. The outside of the upper is the same piece of sheepskin but with the other side of the material treated to look and feel like suede. Twin faced shearling boots are very soft and flexible to wear, as there is only one piece of material forming the upper. Draper of Glastonbury also sells mini double faced shearling boots, which are extra short and cozy.

Our double faced sheepskin lined boots are made with suede or leather on the outside, as well as sheepskin lined on the inside. This means there are two pieces of material that form the upper. We have many boots that are made in this way and also in our range. The benefits of this are that they are hard wearing and durable, but a little less flexible. Both are extremely comfortable and warm.

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