Extra Warm Gloves

Extra warm gloves are what we specialise in here at Draper of Glastonbury. We manufacture high quality real shearling gloves, in our own factory in England, which was established back in 1937. We are a family business in its fourth generation, and with over 80 years of experience we know how to make an excellent pair of gloves. We believe that our extra warm womens gloves are the warmest, and best quality longest lasting gloves in the world. We started making gloves during the Second World War; safety leather and asbestos gloves, and soon began making shearling gloves thereafter. We offer free delivery throughout the United States.

There is nothing warmer than real shearling the warmest gloves, because the warmth is provided not only by the wool but the material also. Shearling is designed to keep sheep warm during the harshest winter weathers around the world, and it is a fantastic natural material that has many great properties. It has been used for glove making for thousands of years, and the shearling that we use is a by product of the meat industry, so we make beautiful gloves that are extra warm from a material that would otherwise go to waste.

The wool lining on real extra warm shearling gloves is extra warm because it not only feels incredibly soft to touch, but air circulates between the hairs and this creates warmth and also regulates the temperature so that it does not get too hot. Shearling is breathable, so your hands will not get sweaty. This makes them both practical for daily use as well as the warmest gloves that you can buy for the really cold winter weather.

We export our gloves that are extra warm all over the world, to some of the coldest locations including Russia, Canada and Norway, and in these countries real shearling is very commonly used for clothing and footwear and warmest winter gloves ever. They understand that there is nothing warmer for the coldest winter conditions, and that there is no manmade material that can compete.

Warmest shearling gloves are available for both men and women, in many different designs and colours, because we know that gloves should be both practical and warm as well as stylish as well. This means that you can wear our gloves while shopping in the city as well as wearing them for cold winter walks in the country.

Warmest gloves for women will improve the circulation in your hands and fingers, and ensure that nothing can medically happen to your hands in the coldest winter conditions and temperatures. Our extra warm winter gloves are often worn while skiing in the evenings, when it is freezing cold in the mountains with snow and ice everywhere. They are trusted to provide the warmth that you would need in these extreme conditions.
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