Flexible Shearling Gloves

Flexible shearling gloves are soft and are designed so that you can move around freely with your fingers and hands while you wear them. This makes everyday movements seem easy while you are wearing extra warm gloves during the winter temperatures. They will keep you warm whilst being able to carry on with your normal day to day life, and it won’t feel like you have big bulky gloves on. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in the manufacture of high quality shearling gloves, and we have our own factory in England which started making gloves over 80 years ago in 1937. We started making gloves during the Second World War and soon went into shearling afterwards. This level of experience results in the best gloves available, and we export throughout the United States with free delivery.

Shearling gloves that are flexible will enable you to carry bags for shopping, which makes them ideal for cold winter shopping trips in the city or town. You’ll be able to use your mobile phone with them on, as well as pay for things and open your handbag while you wear them as well. Our easy to move shearling gloves are extra soft and flexible, as they are made from the softest lambskin available which is from the United Kingdom. We use only the best materials to craft our gloves, and they are entirely handmade from start to finish. They are lightweight to wear, and the wool length is the perfect length to enable the maximum amount of warmth without looking bulky on your hands.

The most flexible shearling gloves are soft to touch both inside and out, and there is nothing softer than real shearling with the wool on. The wool will feel much softer than normal lambswool jumpers, and it is much warmer as well. The outside of the warm flexible gloves either come with a suede finish or leather finish, depending on your preference and your outfit. Both are easy to care for, and both look incredibly smart.

Flexibility in flexible winter gloves is not only practical, but they look much better and more natural on your hands as well, because being able to do normal movement with your fingers and hands will look more normal than if your fingers are stuck in one rigid position with less flexible gloves. More rigid and less flexible materials are often used on footwear as opposed to flexible lambskin gloves, because with footwear there is only so much flexibility that you need, and it is often preferred to have harder wearing and tougher materials for footwear.
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