Handmade Shearling Gloves

Handmade shearling gloves are the best quality gloves that you can buy. If gloves are manufactured entirely by hand, from start to finish, it results in the highest quality standard because of the level of attention to detail at each and every stage of production. Real shearling is used to make the warmest and hard wearing handcrafted shearling gloves, and it is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years to keep hands and feet warm. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in real shearling gloves, and have been making the finest quality gloves in our own factory in Glastonbury since 1937. We are a family owned business, and with over 80 years of experience we produce the best shearling gloves available.

Hand cutting is a skilled process, and involves a skilled craftsman with a sharp knife and a steady hand, cutting around a readymade pattern which forms the shape of the glove. Each glove will have many different pieces that need to be cut out, and it varies depending on the style of mens hand sewn shearling gloves. A skilled cutter will be able to avoid marks on the leather and shearling, such as scars and tears, and will be able to cut the maximum number of fingerless shearling gloves from a single piece of shearling which reduces wastage.

Hand sewing is also a very skilled job when making hand sewn shearling gloves. It involves using a special needle which is designed for leather and shearling, and a tough thread which is especially designed for holding together shearling and leather. It is a hard process getting the needle through the shearling, because it is a tough and thick material, and the holes need to be made exactly the same distance away from each other around the glove so that it looks smart when finished. The thread needs to be the same colour as the glove so that it matches.

Hand lasting gloves is the process of putting the stitched together material onto a hand last, which is a mould which forms the shape of a hand. The last is put into a very hot room, which shrinks the shearling to the exact shape and size of the last. The makes sure that each and every pair of gloves forms the correct size and shape, which is how we standardise our fittings.

Finally, the shearling gloves made by hand are sent to the finishing stage of production where there is quality control. They are brushed and wiped clean, and the loose threads are burned off so that they cannot fray. Any marks on any gloves means they are rejected, and only the best quality ladies hand sewn shearling gloves make it through. After this, they are packaged up and send to the warehouse before going out to our customers.
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