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High Quality Shearling Slippers

Manufacturing high-quality shearling slippers is an art; there are hundreds of components that go into making slippers, with many different stages of production that can only be done correctly by experts with many years of experience behind them. Here at Drapers, our factory is based in the South West of England and was established over 80 years ago. It is the oldest factory making shearling slippers in the UK today, and most of the staff have been working in the factory for most of their working lives, perfecting the production process. This results in the best slippers available anywhere in the world.

Premium Quality shearling moccasin slippers for ladies and mens

We offer high quality shearling moccasin slippers for both men and women, which are handmade to perfection. Our most popular moccasins are made with a suede upper and sole, and our signature shearling lining; for men this includes our style called Maine, and for women Reo. Some prefer rubber soles for practical indoor as well as outdoor use, and we offer those types of moccasins too.

100% Genuine shearling mules slippers for mens and womens

Our high quality shearling mules slippers have either suede soles or rubber soles. The suede soles are stitched on and will last for a very long time. They are hard-wearing, flexible and comfortable, and this is what makes them the most popular choice for high-quality slippers. This is something that we are famous for here at Drapers because not many manufacturers make slippers with suede soles today. They will protect your carpets and look after your floor. 

Best Quality shearling bootie slippers for womens and mens

High-quality shearling bootie slippers have a shearling collar which can fold up over the ankles for extra warmth and comfort. They are the warmest type of slipper available, and we have both men’s and women’s styles available to buy. They are perfect during the coldest winter conditions and are sure to keep your toes and feet extremely warm.

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