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Lambswool Slippers

Lambswool slippers are very popular winter slippers, that are extremely warm, comfortable and hard wearing. They are the traditional type of slipper, that have been popular for hundreds of years. There is no man made material that can compete with real lambswool and sheepskin, combined with leather and suede to make the best quality slippers available. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we have been hand making the best slippers in the world since 1937 in our own factory in England. We are a family owned company, and with over 80 years of experience we are now the oldest sheepskin footwear producers in the UK. We offer free delivery throughout the United States, and free returns as well to ensure you can get the perfect slippers for you.

Lambswool slippers womens represent excellent value for money, because they last for so many years. Our slippers are handmade using the ‘turned’ slipper construction, where they are made inside out when they are stitched together, and turned while being hand lasted onto special foot lasts which ensure the perfect shape and fitting. It takes a strong pair of hands and a lot of skill to successfully turn slippers and make the perfect pair. It takes years of practice, and our skilled craftsmen have been turning slippers for most of their working lives.

Lambswool slippers mens are lightweight as well as durable, so they will feel very comfortable to wear around the house. Some of our slippers have suede soles which are extremely flexible and lightweight, and others have light rubber soles which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use them to go out to the bins, and also use them in your home too.

Lambswool moccasin slippers USA are much harder wearing than cheaper man made materials, and they are much warmer as well. If you have ever owned a pair you will know exactly what we are talking about, and they are well worth the trouble. They represent pure luxury and comfort that you cannot get anywhere else. You will look forward to getting into them at the end of a hard day to give your feet that much needed rest.

Mens lambswool moccasin slippers are available in a huge variety of colours, so that you can find the perfect pair to suit you. We have colours that will go with any outfit, and often people choose slippers that are simply their favourite colour because they are only going to be worn in your home. The uppers on our slippers are made from premium leather, suede or genuine Harris Tweed, depending on the design you choose.
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