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Long Lasting Slippers

At Draper of Glastonbury, we believe that slippers should be long lasting and hard wearing and durable. We believe that the throwaway fashion culture needs to come to an end; it is not sustainable to keep buying new slippers every season from cheap retailers. Not only does this end up costing you more, but the environmental impact of cheap fashion is terrible.

We are manufacturers of the finest quality long lasting slippers, and our factory is based in Glastonbury, England, where we make shearling, leather and suede slippers. Our company was established in 1937, so we have over 80 years of experience in slipper making which results in the very best quality slippers available in the world. We ship throughout the United States with free delivery.

Our slippers that last a long time are built to last, and we expect them to last for many years. The thing that makes our slippers different to other shearling or leather slippers available is that our slippers are lined with shearling or leather, as well as having a leather or suede upper and sole. This means that our slippers have two pieces of material between your foot and the outside of the slipper, which makes them almost impossible to wear through. This is the reason that ours last for such a long time. Most ordinary slippers have simply one piece of material that forms the slipper, which doesn’t last nearly half as long.

Long lasting slippers USA are a joy to wear, and they will remain comfortable for longer than ordinary slippers too. The shearling that we use to line most of our slippers is extremely comfortable and hard wearing, and it will remain comfortable for a long time. Cheap slippers from shops are often lined with manmade fabrics, which will feel comfortable at first, but will wear through within a few days, making the slipper substantially less suitable for wear.

We use a double stitching method to ensure that our long lasting shearling slippers will never fall apart too, which is another detail that makes our slippers that bit better than competitors. Our expert craftspeople have been working with real shearling and leather for most of their lives, and they know exactly how to make the perfect pair of long lasting womens slippers.

In our factory we have a vigorous quality control system which ensures that only the best quality long lasting mens slippers make it to our customers. If a slipper is not up to our standards then it is rejected and re made. We hope you enjoy your Draper of Glastonbury long lasting house slippers, and if you need any help choosing the best pair for you, then please contact us.
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