Long Shearling Boots

Long shearling boots are a very popular style of boot because they are extremely warm. The longer and taller the boot, the higher it comes up over your ankles, calf and sometimes even higher, and so this provides more warmth than a shorter boot. Tall shearling boots look great and help to improve the circulation in your legs and feet, and they will protect you from the coldest winter temperatures. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we are experts at manufacturing the finest quality high shearling boots and we have our own factory in England which was established back in 1937 and has specialised in shearling lined footwear ever since. We are a family owned business, and with over 80 years of experience we are now the oldest shearling footwear manufacturers in the United Kingdom. We offer free delivery throughout the United States.

Long length shearling boots that we offer are fully lined with our signature high quality shearling, from top to toe. This goes all the way through the boot, including the insoles, so they are the warmest type of shearling boot that you can buy. Our long black shearling boots with suede uppers are waterproof suede, because we have treated the suede so that it repels water. The leather uppers are also treated to be waterproof, so this makes our shearling boots much more practical than other alternatives available. You can further protect your real shearling boots using our protector spray, which will repel dirt as well as water.

Classic tall shearling boots by Draper we once stocked in the largest department stores throughout the United States, including Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, before they chose to abandon British made boots and look towards China. Today we only supply our customers directly online, and we offer free delivery throughout the United States. You can order our full range, and we offer free returns as well which always ensures that you can find your perfect sizing. There are a handful of stores that currently stock our slippers in the United States.

Tall shearling boots USA are the perfect protector from the coldest winter temperatures, and the aspect that makes our boots that much better than other ladies tall shearling boots available is that our boots are suede or leather and they are lined with shearling on the insides, so there are two pieces of material between your feet and legs and the outside world. Most other shearling boots simply have the one piece of shearling that forms the boot, which is not as hard wearing, and certainly not as warm either.
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