Long Shearling Gloves

Long shearling gloves are the type of glove which come high up over your wrists; which not only looks great but is extra warm and comfortable as well. In order to keep your hands and fingers warm in the coldest winter weather, you have to keep your wrists warm, because it is the circulation of blood flowing through your hands and fingers that keeps them warm and this originates from your wrists. Therefore, if you keep your wrists warm as well, then your hands will be even warmer, and this is why long length shearling gloves are so popular. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we are experts at making the best quality long black shearling gloves, and we have a factory in England which was established in 1937 and we are a family run business with over 80 years of experience. Our skilled craftspeople have worked in the factory for most of their lives, and this level of experience results in the best quality gloves available anywhere in the world. We export throughout the United States with free delivery.

Our shearling cuff gloves for women are the longest that we sell, and they have a collar which can fold up over the wrists to come high up, making them very long, or you can fold the collar over so that it is like a normal pair of gloves in length. This way it gives you flexibility of how you want to wear them, depending on the look you are going for and how cold it is outside. All of our ladies long cuff shearling gloves are fully lined with real shearling all the way through to the ends of your fingers, making them extra warm and comfortable, and very durable too because we would expect them to last for a very long time.

Long arms shearling gloves will go up your wrists, underneath your coat or jacket or jumper. This will enable the gloves to flow continuously with your outfit, without your wrists showing in between. As there is no gap showing, this also keeps the warmth in even more, because there is no room at your coat or jacket end for cold air to get inside as the gloves will take up that space. So shearling long leather gloves act as a barrier for cold air entering your clothing also.

Long shearling gloves USA that we offer come in a variety of different colours, so that you can choose which one will go with most of your coats and jackets. Sometimes people choose to match their gloves with their coat, while others prefer that their hats match their gloves. If you go for a neutral colour such as black or brown; these tend to go with most colours and are very flexible which is what makes them the most popular.
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