Luxury Shearling Gloves

Luxury shearling gloves are the highest quality, softest and most flexible gloves that you can buy, which are ideal for the coldest winter weather when there is snow or ice on the ground. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in the finest quality luxury gloves, which are handmade in our own factory in England using traditional techniques since 1937. We are a family owned business, with four generations of the Draper family perfecting the manufacture of our luxurious shearling gloves. We export our gloves throughout the United States, with free delivery.

Our gloves are the most luxurious available, because each and every detail has been perfected. We use the best material available, with our shearling sourced from UK tanneries which have many years of experience behind them, and the shearling originating from UK farms where the animal welfare is extremely high and the rolling hills are covered in the thickest green grass. Each pair of our gloves is entirely handmade from start to finish, and the attention to detail is phenomenal. We use a double stitching technique to ensure they will never come apart, and they are carefully packaged and shipped to ensure they reach our customers in the perfect luxurious condition.

Luxury shearling gloves USA are designed to last you for a very long time, and we expect our gloves to last for many years. They are luxurious in every sense of the word; they are exceptionally soft to touch, very warm and comfortable, flexible to wear and move in, and they look great with any outfit. The wool on the insides of the glove is an exact length to ensure that they look and feel great on your hands; it is not too long so that it makes the shearling gloves that are luxurious look bulky on your hands and makes them rigid, but it is not too short that it isn’t warm and comfortable to wear. It is the perfect combination of both, and the wool is designed to mould to the shape of your hands, making them the perfect fitting for your exact hand shape, and nobody else’s.

Mens luxury shearling gloves are hard to find in the shops, because most shops simply stock poor quality imported gloves. When you buy here with Draper, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, and your luxury shearling gloves ladies are coming straight from the craftsman’s hands. There are no corners cut in producing our famous shearling luxury fingerless gloves, and they are well worth the trouble. We hope that you are able to find your perfect pair of luxury winter gloves here online, and please contact us if you need any assistance.
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