Mens Leather Boots

Mens leather boots are a popular hard wearing boot, traditionally what most men wear. They are popular in winter when the temperatures drop, and snow or ice is on the ground. They are practical for winter walks, as well as shopping trips in the city as well because they look smart as well as being very comfortable and warm to wear. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts and specialists in producing the finest quality men’s leather boots, and we specialize in shearling-lined leather boots for men that are extra warm and comfortable, with a leather upper. Our factory in England was established in 1937, producing our famous boot slippers.

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Here at Drapers, our boots are handmade from start to finish in England, and the quality standard is extremely high. This is why we do not supply stores and only sell directly online. Our customer service department is highly knowledgeable and skilled and can help you with any queries that you may need to know regarding handmade leather men's boots manufacturing.

Real leather mens boots should have durable non slip rubber soles, which are perfect for the icy and snowy weather, and that are hard wearing and will last for many winters to come. There are many different types of rubber that you can buy, and many are substandard compared with ours. This is part of the reason that our mens leather boots brown last for so long, combined with the high quality of the materials used for the uppers as well. We use the best leathers and shearlings from British tanneries, which mainly originate from British farms.

Men's leather boots in the UK come in two popular designs, which are called Devon and Somerset. We offer a Chelsea boot design and a desert boot design, and both have a leather upper and real shearling lining throughout. The lining includes the insole and goes from top to toe, maintaining the maximum level of warmth and comfort. We are a family run business, and with over 85 years of experience, we produce the best boots available, and they are available with free delivery throughout the United States and Canada.

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