Mens Luxury Slippers

Here at Draper of Glastonbury we are experts at making the best quality real shearling slippers. We have a factory in England which was established in 1937, and we are a family run and owned business. Our mens luxury slippers are the ultimate in luxury; they have incredibly soft suede uppers, some have subtle and flexible leather uppers, some have our signature real shearling lining which is extra comfortable and warm, including a shearling insole, and others have a soft leather lining too. Some of our luxury slippers for men have a luxurious suede sole, and others have an outdoor flexible sole. All are handmade by expert craftspeople and take over four weeks to make.

Mens luxury house slippers are well worth the trouble and definitely worth the money. Not only will they feel unbelievably comfortable on your feet after a hard day of work, but they will last for many years because they are handmade to perfection. Everybody that enters you home will see your Draper slippers, and instantly realise just how luxurious they are. Our slippers are designed to look smart and defined, and will look great with any outfit too.

We offer many different styles and colours for men and women, and they are all available for delivery to the United States. We offer free delivery and free returns as well, which ensures that you always find the best mens luxurious slippers for you. Simply browse our website to find the slippers that you want, and click on them which will give you all of the detailed information that you need to know, and we also have a size guide to help you pick what you need. We accept credit card, debit card or American Express as well, and you can order online or by phone during our opening hours. Simply send us an email if you need any assistance.

True luxury in mens luxury slippers UK is hard to find, and very few high street shops represent the best quality slippers, mainly because of price. If you are looking for truly the best slippers in the world, then look no further than here at Drapers. For over 80 years we have done nothing but focus on producing the very best mens luxury leather slippers, and no other factory can compare to the winter mens luxury slippers that we produce.

Luxury is in the detail; it is in the finer aspects of the slipper that your average person would not notice. It is the fact that there are absolutely no marks, scratches or scars on the leather upper. It is the perfect stitching which is equally spaced and perfectly straight. It is the exact wool length of the lining for maximum comfort, flexibility and style. It is the deep and rich colours of the suede, and the level of comfort that they provide when being worn. Every aspect of the Draper slipper is perfection, and we hope you can find your favourite slippers with us.
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