Real Shearling Mittens

Real shearling mittens are a very popular style of glove which are designed to provide the maximum amount of warmth and comfort during the coldest winter months. Real shearling has been popular for thousands of years for the purpose of warmth, and it is a natural material that has always been available. The suede mittens shearling design is popular because it keeps your fingers together in the same compartment of the glove, unlike normal gloves which have separate compartments.

Mittens made from real shearling are perfect for winter walks and shopping trips too, and they are suitable for both the countryside and the city. They will look smart with any outfit, and you can protect the gloves using any normal leather protector spray or shearling protector spray. We offer these online too, just take a look at our accessories section here online. Genuine shearling mittens can be washed in a normal washing machine, or wiped clean with a damp cloth. You should use mild detergent, no bleach, and wash at a low temperature below 30. This will keep them looking smart and stylish.

Real shearling lined mittens are designed to last for a long time, and we expect our gloves to last you for many years. They are handmade, and the attention to detail is what makes our gloves the best. We use only the best quality leather, suede and shearling, and we use a double stitching method that ensures they last for ages. Shearling mittens USA ladies are lasted to ensure the perfect fitting as well, and we have many different size options for you to choose from.

Leather mittens shearling lined that we sell are made from premium shearling, which is a by product of the UK farming industry. We great beautiful mittens from a material that would otherwise go to waste, and they will last for many years. This is what makes our ladies shearling mittens the sustainable choice, and is much better for the environment than fast throwaway fashion as you would find in shops.
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