Shearling House Slippers

House slippers can be defined in a number of different ways. Typically they are slippers, with either a leather or hard rubber sole, which are designed to provide comfort and warmth in your home. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are manufacturers of the highest quality shearling house slippers based in England and established in 1937. Each pair of slippers that we make are individually handmade, using over 20 different processes, and taking over four weeks of skilled craftsmanship.

Keep Your Feet Warm with Mens Shearling House Slippers

Slippers are popular for keeping feet warm on cold and hard floors in your home, and they are especially useful during the coldest winter months when all you want to do is hibernate in the comfort of your home in the warmest and comfiest possible clothing and footwear. Mens shearling house slippers include our most popular men's slipper called Anton, which is a classic design that never goes out of style. It has a premium quality suede upper and sole, and it comes in many different colors too.

Keep Cozy with 100% Genuine Ladies Shearling House Slippers

We also offer a variety of women's shearling house shoes that are also fully lined with our signature shearling lining from Great Britain. We offer everything from traditional styles such as Ellen through to contemporary modern designs such as Daisy. Many people argue that there is no demand for house slippers today, because of heated flooring, however, not many houses have heated flooring still because it is very expensive, plus even with heated flooring you will have hard floors which are uncomfortable to walk on.

Get High-Quality Shearling Bedroom Slippers for Women & Men

Indoor shearling slippers typically have suede or leather soles, which are better for indoor wear because they will not mark lighter-colored carpets or scuff carpets either. They will also protect rugs and other things on your floor, more so than hard sole shoes and slippers will. We offer lots of these types of slippers, all of which can be seen here online.

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