Shearling Scuff Slippers

Slippers are an important part of everybody’s home, and they provide comfort and warmth for your feet while you are relaxing at the end of a hard day at work. They are especially important if you have hard floors in your home, and they are most popular during the winter period when the temperature is much lower. Shearling scuff slippers are commonly known as backless or slip-on slippers and they are a very popular choice of slippers, because of the ease of putting them on and off. There is no need to bend over to put them on; you can simply slide your feet into the luxuriously soft shearling lining. Here at Drapers we make the very best shearling slippers in the world and have been making slippers in our own factory in England since 1937. Each pair is handmade and takes up to four weeks to finish. They are made to perfection and are designed to fit perfectly.

Shop Our Selection of High Quality Scuff Slippers for Men

We have a selection of mens shearling scuff slippers which include our favorite slipper called Daniel. It is a modern slipper, with a rubber sole, suede upper, and our signature shearling lining throughout. It is hard-wearing, but extremely soft and comfortable too. It is slightly wider than regular fitting, so it allows for complete ease of wear when putting on and off.

Get nice & cozy with Soft Sole Scuff Slippers for Women

We also sell womens shearling scuff slippers in a variety of different styles. Our classic women’s slipper called Heart is a popular favorite, which has a silky suede upper and sole, and our signature shearling lining too, and it comes in several different color options. Sahara color is the most popular, which is a sandy natural color, but we also sell it in pink and fuchsia.

Finest Quality Shearling, Leather, and Fur Slippers for Women & Men

Scuff shearling mules slippers are also available with a leather lining and fabric lining too, if you do not like shearling linings. They are great for year-round wear but less soft and warm. Shearling is a luxurious natural material that is sustainable, and it has many fantastic properties, not to mention that it makes you feel like you are walking on air.

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