Shearling Slippers with Hard Soles

Slippers are what we specialize in here at Draper of Glastonbury, and we have been making the finest quality shearling slippers in our own factory in England since 1937. As the oldest shearling slipper makers in the UK, we are known for producing the very best quality slippers in the world. We have a wide range of shearling slippers with hard soles which are very popular because they are practical because you can use them for both indoor and outdoor use too. Everybody uses slippers to slip out to the garden here and there; so hard soles can be better wearing for that scenario.

Handmade Men's Shearling Slippers with Hard Soles

We offer mens shearling moccasin slippers hard sole which includes our popular slipper called Hugo, which is a modern favorite ‘loafer’ style. It is stylish and timeless, and looks like a normal loafer shoe but with a genuine shearling lining. It is made with a premium brown suede upper, which is extremely soft.

Luxurious Women's Shearling Slippers with Hard Soles

Ladies shearling slippers hard sole include many of our women’s styles of the slipper. We offer classic designs such as Portia, which is a traditional shearling slipper with a suede upper, shearling lining, and rubber sole, and it has a Grecian cut. If you prefer a more modern design, why not take a look at Daisy.

Treat Yourself to Luxury with a Pair of hard sole shearling slippers This Winter

Mens shearling slippers with hard soles are also available to buy and include our traditional slipper called Trevor, which is also a Grecian slipper construction. Women's hard sole moccasin slippers include our styles called Kelly or Daisy, and they are modern designs. Kelly has a shearling collar, but Daisy has a lower cut, so it just depends on your preference. For ultimate warmth and comfort, Kelly is the most popular option.

Stylish and comfortable shearling slippers - Keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer

Our slippers are sustainable and are made from a material that would otherwise be considered waste from the meat industry. We make timeless luxurious designs that are made to last a long time. It is time to end the throwaway fashion industry.

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