Shearling Slippers with Leather Soles

Our factory was established in 1937 in England and has been manufacturing the best quality shearling slippers for over 80 years. We are a family business, with four generations of the Draper family involved in the company, and we are the oldest makers of shearling slippers in the United Kingdom today. We specialize in ‘hand-turned’ slippers, with leather soles made from premium British suede. We offer a great range of shearling slippers with leather soles for both men and women, and they are extremely popular for many important reasons. Firstly, they are actually more hard-wearing than rubber soles. Not many people realize this, but leather is very hard-wearing indeed, and because the soles are hand-stitched onto the upper, it means they are much less likely to come undone compared with rubber soles which are often stuck on with glue.

Keep Cozy with 100% Genuine Leather Shearling Slippers for Men & Women 

Our popular men's shearling moccasin slippers with a leather sole are called Maine, and the suede sole allows for the maximum amount of flexibility and comfort. They are so lightweight that you won’t feel like you have anything on your feet, and they are so flexible that they will be the most comfortable type of footwear you have owned.

Our Soft Leather Moccasins & Slippers are Handcrafted in Somerset with the Highest Quality Materials

We also sell womens shearling slippers with leather soles which are the preferred choice over rubber soles because they are less likely to scuff up your carpets in the home or leave marks on lighter surfaces either. Leather and suede are smooth, compared with rubber which can easily leave scuff marks and black lines along lighter surfaces. Here at Drapers, we specialize in leather soles simply because they are the most traditional type of slipper, and going back 100 years the most common type of footwear had leather soles in general, and this heritage is generally why many of our styles still have leather soles. It is something we are known for, and we do a brilliant job of it.

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