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Shearling Slippers with Rubber Soles

Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are manufacturers of the finest quality shearling slippers, based in the beautiful countryside in the southwest of England. Our factory is now over 80 years old, making us the oldest shearling slipper makers in the UK. This level of experience means that the slippers we produce are the best quality in the world, and each pair is handmade to perfection using traditional techniques passed down over four generations of the Draper family. Shearling slippers with rubber soles are available to buy, and we have a huge selection for you to pick from. They are a popular choice of slipper for many important reasons. They are practical and can be used both indoors and outdoors too. This means that you can use them for comfort in your home as usual, but you can also use them to go outside in the garden too. No need to change your choice of footwear for day to day tasks.

British Made Men's shearling slippers with rubber soles

Mens shearling slippers with rubber soles are hard wearing and durable, so they are designed to last for many years. This makes them excellent value for money and will save you time and effort of having to replace them regularly. Our classic designs mean that they will always be in style.

Rubber soles are lightweight and flexible, so they will be a lot more comfortable than other types of footwear around the home. Many people think that hard soles will be heavier and less comfortable than leather or suede soles (which we also sell here) but they are fairly similar.

Handmade Women's shearling slippers with rubber soles

We offer womens shearling slippers with rubber soles in a huge range of styles; from the mules and slip-on styles to moccasins to booties to traditional styles too, so you can always find what you need. We offer everything from the traditional to contemporary designs, and they are popular throughout the world.

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