Short Shearling Boots

Short shearling boots are popular for a number of reasons; they are comfortable to wear because they do not come up too high on your legs, so you can easily walk in them like you would with a normal pair of shoes and they are much easier to put on and off than a taller pair of boots as well. You don’t have to keep bending down every time you need to put them on to leave the house. They look great with any outfit, and they can be worn with almost anything, where as taller boots need to have trousers that you can tuck into them. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in shearling lined footwear, and have our own factory in England which was established over 80 years ago in 1937 where we manufacture the best quality shearling slippers and boots and we offer free delivery throughout the United States.

Low shearling boots use less material than taller boots, so they tend to be a lower cost than taller boots as well, but they are equally as warm because all of our boots are fully lined with real shearling from top to toe, including the insoles all the way through. There is nothing warmer for the coldest winter temperatures, and there is certainly nothing more comfortable to wear. Short length shearling boots are often a better fitting than taller boots, because they do not need to fit around the calf of your leg, which is often a problem with taller boots and is something that you need to consider, where as short black shearling boots only have to fit around your ankle and feet.

Shearling ankle boots are lighter weight than taller boots because there is less material involved in making them, and this too makes them more comfortable to wear because they will not feel heavy on your feet while you walk. This means that you can wear them for long walks in the country or for long days out shopping in the city too. The sheepskin wool will make you feel like you are walking on a cloud, because they are so utterly comfortable. They will last for a very long time as well, and we expect our boots to last for many years to come.

Classic short shearling boots have wool that is the perfect thickness and length to make them extremely warm and comfortable to wear, but without making them look too big and bulky like other ugg style boots often are. We trim the wool lining to make them the perfect fitting and the perfect length, so that you absolutely love your short shearling boots USA. We offer both mens and womens short shearling boots.
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