Slip On Shearling Slippers

Slip on shearling slippers are very popular, for many reasons. They are commonly called mules or backless slippers and are designed to be easy to put on and off of your feet when you enter the house. At Drapers, we manufacture shearling slippers in our own factory, which is located in the southwest of England in a small town called Glastonbury. The factory was established over 80 years ago during the 1930’s and has been making the best quality slippers ever since. We are a family business, with lots of experience working with shearling and leather, and the Glastonbury area has been known as the United Kingdom’s center for shearling since the 12th century AD.

Spruce Up Your Wardrobe This Winter With Slip On Shearling Slippers

We offer a wide range of men's slip-on shearling slippers, which are perfect for relaxing in the evenings when you have had a hard day at work and all you want to do is chill out. Shearling slippers will keep your feet warm and comfortable all evening, which is especially important if you have been on your feet all day long. During the colder winter months, there is nothing better than shearling for keeping your toes warm and cozy. Women's slip-on shearling slippers are also for sale and come in a variety of different styles. Although they are designed without backs, so that you can put them on and off easily, they are also well fitted to your feet, which ensures that while you have them on, and you walk in them, they will stay securely on your feet. This allows for ease of movement and makes them practical and useful in every way.

Shop for Slip On Shearling Footwear for Women & Men

Most of our backless slippers have our signature shearling lining throughout, including the insoles and right the way down to the toes, and some other styles have a premium leather lining for year-round wear, and some have a soft fabric lining for year-round wear too.

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