Shearling Slippers with Outdoor Soles

We have a wide selection of shearling slippers which have outdoor soles. They have rubber soles which are durable and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are non-marking soles so they are great for your floors inside as well. They are non-slip soles, which means our shearling slippers with outdoor soles will ensure that you are unlikely to fall with them on. Our luxurious shearling slippers are lightweight and flexible too, so it won’t feel like you are wearing heavy shoes or boots with our slippers with outdoor soles.

Mens Shearling Slippers with Outdoor Soles

We have a wide variety of different styles of our mens shearling slippers with outdoor soles ranging from traditional to contemporary. For example, we offer our classic slipper called ‘Trevor’ with an outdoor rubber sole. It has a suede upper and our signature shearling lining, and it is a classic Grecian design. We also sell a modern loafer slipper with an outdoor sole called ‘Hugo’ which is a growing favourite. It is a moccasin design, without a lace, which has a suede upper, shearling lining throughout, and a durable rubber sole. We also sell slip-on mules for men which have an outdoor sole too, and these are called ‘Daniel’.

Womens Shearling Slippers with Outdoor Soles 

As with our mens range, we also sell womens shearling slippers with outdoor soles in a variety of different styles. Our style ‘Lilly’ is a popular slip-on style, which can be worn out to the garden, or our style ‘Portia’ is a classic design with a beautiful binding along the top. We also have bootie styles with outdoor soles such as our style ‘Camilla’ which is a modern slipper with a fold-up collar.

We are the oldest makers of shearling slippers with outdoor soles in the UK and are one of the leading brands in the world. The fitting of our slippers is much better than elsewhere, and the quality of the materials used and manufacture is unbeatable.
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