Snow Boots

Snow boots are the perfect boots for cold, icy and snowy conditions in the winter weather. There are several important factors which make snow boots different to ordinary boots; they should be extra warm with a warm lining, and they should have durable non slip rubber soles which can grip to icy and slippery surfaces. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we specialise in high quality shearling lined boots for men and women, and we have our own factory in England where we produce our range of boots. Our factory was established in 1937, and we are a family owned business. We are the oldest shearling footwear manufacturers in the United Kingdom, and we offer free delivery throughout the United States.

Boots for snow need to be waterproof or at least water resistant, so that they do not allow water to enter the boot when you walk in the snow. Our warm snow boots are made with leather or suede uppers which are treated so that they are waterproof, and this makes them ideal for snowy conditions. They are made from traditional and natural materials, and they look smart as well as being extremely practical for snowy conditions.

Snow boots UK were first produced during the 1940’s in our factory in England, and we were the first company in England to install Italian vulcanising machinery for boot making. We supplied the USSR in Russia with shearling boots for several years, which included orders in excess of 200,000 pairs. At the time, over 400 people were employed in our factories making our shearling boots, and we had three factories running in Glastonbury, Clevedon and Bristol. Our womens shearling snow boots soon gained a reputation for being of the highest quality in the UK, and we supplied many large department stores in USA including Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and Eddie Bauer.

Shearling snow boots that are lined with real premium quality shearling are the warmest that you can buy. They have been popular for thousands of years, dating back to the time of the Mongols and Genghis Kahn. Glastonbury, in England where our factory is based, has been famous for shearling since 12th century AD, when the monks of Glastonbury Abbey began tanning skins. The Abbey is now a ruin, however Drapers are the last shearling company left in Glastonbury.

Mens shearling snow boots should be comfortable to walk in, and you should feel comfortable to walk in them over a long distance so that you are able to go on long country walks as well as shopping walks in the city too. Real shearling makes for the most comfortable shearling lined snow boots, because the wool lining will mould to the shape of your foot and is springy.
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