Soft Lambskin Gloves

Soft lambskin gloves are highly sought after because of their flexibility and comfort. They are hard to find; not many manufacturers and brands supply truly soft and comfortable gloves, and it is more common to find tougher gloves that are more rigid. Soft gloves will enable your hands and fingers to move freely without any resistance, and will enable you to carry on doing your usual daily jobs without any issues- except in the ultimate level of comfort and warmth. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we started making soft lambskin gloves UK in the 1930’s in our factory in England, and have been producing gloves ever since. We are a family run business with over 80 years of experience, and provide only the best quality and softest lambskin gloves available. We deliver to the United States free of charge.

Softest lambskin gloves will feel extremely comforting to wear because they will feel luxurious to touch. The wool on the insides of lambskin is much softer than ordinary wool, and is much softer than any manmade material is as well. It is hard wearing and durable too, and our soft lambskin leather gloves are handmade and hand stitched, with a double stitching method to ensure longevity. They are lightweight as well, and will feel great on your skin. They are the warmest types of glove available for the coldest winter conditions, and are typically worn in cold areas of the world including Canada and Norway, as well as Russia. Lambskin and sheepskin has been popular for glove material for thousands of years as it is a natural material that has been around since the beginning of time.

Lambskin gloves that are soft are perfect in icy and snowy conditions, because sheepskin is hygroscopic. This means that it can absorb a third of its weight in water without becoming damp. This effectively makes it naturally waterproof, and is a unique property that only real shearling can do. You can therefore wear our gloves with confidence in the worst winter weather, and they will protect you from all of the elements.

Our soft lambskin gloves mens have a suede outer and woolly inside, which makes the outsides extremely soft to touch as well. They have a luxurious feel to them, and they are well worth the money. They represent excellent value for money because our lambskin gloves womens will last for many years, unlike poor quality manmade gloves that are often found in shops. It is always worth investing in quality gloves.
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