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Soft Shearling Slippers

Soft shearling slippers are often considered to be of the highest quality because they are simply more comfortable to wear on your feet. They are more flexible, and will not take much wearing in time before they become perfect to wear on your feet. Naturally, as with all leather and shearling footwear, the wool and leather will mold to the shape of your foot with a short amount of wear, and this will result in the perfect fitting footwear, but the softer the material to begin with, the quicker they will become comfortable.

Men's Soft shearling Leather Mules Slippers

Here is Draper of Glastonbury, we offer mens soft leather slippers as well as our signature shearling slippers which are extremely popular. They are made from premium calf leather and are available in a range of width fittings and with a choice of suede soles or hard soles too. Our style called Charles is the most popular, with Spencer being our wider fitting version. Each is handmade in our factory in England, as they have been since 1937.

Luxury Soft shearling Mules Slippers for Ladies

We sell womens soft shearling slippers in a wide range of styles, and virtually all of our womens slippers have shearling linings. We have a couple of styles that include soft fabric linings with leather uppers, but most have our signature shearling. The main benefits of shearling are that it is warm, comfortable, breathable, and natural. This makes it the perfect winter footwear.

Handmade Soft Sole Shearling Moccasin Slippers for Men

Mens shearling moccasin slippers soft sole include our style called Maine, which is the most popular type of slipper for men. It is a classic design, that never goes out of style. It will last for many years and is made from the highest quality materials which are from Britain. It is hand-cut, hand-stitched, hand-lasted, and finished, before going through a rigorous quality control too. Our factory is the oldest maker of shearling slippers in the UK.

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