Soft Sole Shearling Slippers

Here at Drapers, we are experts and specialists with the production of soft sole slippers. We are one of the only companies that offer shearling slippers with a suede sole, as most prefer outdoor rubber soles. There are many great benefits to soft sole slippers, however, which make them better than rubber soles. So what are the benefits of soft sole shearling slippers? They are much better for carpets indoors. Unlike rubber soles, they will not scuff or mark carpets, even if they are light in color. They will protect whatever you step onto, and this makes them ideal for looking after your home.

100% Genuine British Made Soft Shearling Slippers for Women & Men

Our womens and mens soft sole shearling slippers are lightweight and flexible, which in turn makes them more comfortable to wear than rubber soles. They will truly make you feel like you are walking on air, and this is another reason why they are such a popular choice. They are actually equally as hard-wearing as rubber soles, and in fact, the leather is much harder to wear through than rubber. This makes our womens soft sole shearling slippers ideal for both indoor and outdoor use too, which not many people know. They can grip floor surfaces better than rubber can too, because of the texture of the leather.

    Our Soft Shearling Slippers Offer a Great Comfort & Warmth for Your Feet

    Our best selling styles of slipper are made with soft soles, and these include our classic styles called ‘Anton’ for men and ‘Ellen’ or ‘Jane’ for women. They are styles that have been made in our factory in England for over 80 years, and they are favorites around the world. We also sell soft sole mule slippers too, as well as soft sole booties slippers and soft sole moccasins too, so you can pick based on the type of construction that you prefer the most.

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