Suede Shearling Gloves

Suede shearling gloves that have a suede outer and a woolly inside are extremely popular, because they are soft to touch, flexible to wear and very warm and comfortable too. They look great and can go with any outfit, and the suede gives a traditional look to the shearling gloves suede outer as this is what most real shearling gloves are finished like. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we have been making suede shearling gloves in our own factory in England for over 80 years, and we are a family run business established in 1937. We export throughout the United States, and produce the best quality gloves in the world. Each pair is handmade, and take around four weeks to make.

Suede finish shearling gloves are much softer and more flexible than leather gloves, and they will enable your hands and fingers to move around much more freely. This means that you can carry on with your normal day to day tasks without any problems, and your hands will be kept warm without feeling like you have big heavy gloves on. Our sueded shearling gloves are fitted to your hands, to ensure that they are not bulky and large while they are worn. Our gloves are lasted to make the perfect fitting every time.

Mens brown suede gloves are typically made from 100% real shearling, with the outer treated so that it has a suede finish, and the inside has the wool intact and extremely soft and warm. The shearling that we use are sourced from UK tanneries, and they are hard wearing and durable, and we use only the best quality materials available to make our brown suede gloves ladies. Shearling will mould to the shape of your hand, and will eventually result in the best fitting pair of gloves that you own. The wool will compress slightly to mould to your hand, and the skin will mould also. It will give slightly if you have some fingers that are longer than others.

Our mens black suede gloves come in a variety of different colours, so that you are able to find a pair that is perfect for your outfit and your coat. Generally speaking, black and brown colours tend to be the most popular, as they are versatile colours that can go with most outfits. Real shearling is naturally waterproof, so this makes the gloves great for the worst weather conditions in the rain and snow.

Black suede gloves womens need to be made from the perfect thickness of shearling, because if the shearling is too thin, then the gloves will be very flexible but they will wear through too quickly, and might tear and rip with wear. If the shearling is too thick, then the gloves will be durable but they will be uncomfortable to wear as they will not be flexible enough. So this is why the perfect thickness needs to be used.
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