Suede Sheepskin Slippers

Here at Drapers, we offer traditional suede sheepskin slippers in a wide range of designs for mens and womens which are produced in our factory in England. We are a fourth generation family owned company, established in 1937 in Somerset. Each pair is individually handcrafted, and we make one thousand pairs per week in our factory, which is run by skilled craftsmen and women who have worked for the company throughout most of their working lives.

Our suede house slippers sheepskin lining includes our ladies' slipper design called Ellen. This is a traditional house slipper with a detailed binding along the top edge, a suede upper, a suede sole, and sheepskin lining throughout. It is a simple slipper design without too much fuss, which is why it is so popular, as it will go with any outfit and will look like a smart pair of shoes. It comes in navy, wine, or nut colors, so there are plenty of options exist.

Shearling suede slippers for men include our design called Maine, which is a traditional moccasin slipper with a suede upper and sole combined with one piece of material and our signature sheepskin lining throughout. It has a lace which goes around the back of the slipper, which enables you to adjust the fitting tighter or looser. Enjoy free shipping and returns throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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