Tan Sheepskin Slippers

Tan sheepskin slippers are always the most popular color because they are considered to be the natural sheepskin slipper color. This has always been the case for the past hundred years, even dating back to the time of sheepskin coats in the 1960’s, where the tan color was always the traditional color of choice. Here at Drapers, we have been making premium quality sheepskin footwear in our factory in England since the 1930’s and we are a fourth-generation family-owned company.

Mens tan sheepskin slippers include our style called Anton, which is our most popular slipper of all. It comes in a ‘mocca’ tan color, which is a light brown, or a ‘nut’ taupe color too, along with lots of other color options. It has a traditional Grecian design combined with a suede upper, suede sole and our signature sheepskin lining inside. They provide extra warmth and comfort during indoor or outdoor activities.

Ladies tan shearling slippers include our style called Glow, which has a double faced sheepskin upper in a ‘spice’ tan color, as well as a suede sole and sheepskin lining throughout. It is a bootie design that comes up to the ankles for extra warmth and comfort. They are lightweight, warm, durable, and stylish, making them a very popular slipper. We provide free shipping and returns across the United States and Canada.

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