Waterproof Shearling Boots

Waterproof shearling boots are the most practical shearling boots available for the harshest winter conditions. The ideal type of shearling boot will be warm, comfortable, and waterproof, and the reason that they need to be waterproof is that if you wear them in snowy or icy conditions, and walk in the snow, then they need to be able to keep the snow out of the boot to enable them to stay warm inside. Here at Draper of Glastonbury, we are experts when it comes to shearling-lined footwear; we have our own factory in England where we have been making shearling boots for over 80 years, as the factory was established in 1937, and we are a family-owned business. We produce only the best quality shearling boots, which we offer with free delivery throughout the United States.

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Ladies' waterproof winter boots that we offer come in either leather or suede and the uppers are treated so that they are waterproof. Shearling itself is what lines the insides of our boots, and it is naturally waterproof too because it is hygroscopic. This means that it can absorb a third of its weight in water without becoming damp, which is why shearling is so popular for making real winter boots. Shearling winter boots have been popular for thousands of years because it is a brilliant natural material that has been readily available for a very long time.

Most Comfortable Shearling Winter Boots to Look Chic in Cold Weather

Womens waterproof snow boots can be worn while shopping on a rainy day, or for a long country walk too. We offer a protector spray that can further protect your boots from water and dirt, and you can also purchase that in a normal supermarket or shoe repair shop too. We recommend using waxed polish for leather boots to protect them as much as possible and to renew their appearance and keep the leather subtle and soft.

Great Waterproof Shearling Sheepskin Boots for Ladies

Warm waterproof boots ladies that we offer are made with the perfect wool length. If the wool is too long, then it will make the boot look too bulky and large on your feet and legs, making the boot unattractive to wear like most ugg boots, however, if the wool is too short then it will not provide the same level of warmth, so the perfect medium wool length is always used by us. We believe that half an inch is the perfect wool length for shearling women's waterproof boots in the USA, and we use a similar lining length for our slippers too. The shearling we use will cover the entire inside of the boot, including the insole as well, so this enables the perfect amount of warmth and comfort.

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