Wide Sheepskin Boots

Wide sheepskin boots are available here at Draper of Glastonbury, and we have been making luxurious sheepskin footwear in our own factory in England since the 1930’s. We are a fourth generation family owned company with many years of experience, which ensures the very best quality footwear available.

Extra wide fit sheepskin boots include our Cambridge boots, which have a double zip at the front to allow for quick and easy fitting to get them on and off. It can be troublesome getting boots on when you have wide or swollen feet, as boots will often only just fit. The double zip certainly makes things easier and more comfortable.

Our wide width shearling boots also include the style called Kelso, which has a lace feature all the way up the front of the shoes. You can, therefore, adjust the width according to your requirements, and this also makes the boots suitable for narrower fittings, as well as you can tighten them up. They have a great non slip grippy sole, which is excellent for walking in icy and wet conditions. It has a waxed leather upper, which is waterproof and keeps your feet warm and dry. Throughout the USA and Canada, we offer free delivery and easy returns.

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