Winter Boots

Winter boots should be extra warm, because the temperatures during the winter months will make your feet feel freezing. They need to keep your toes warm, and they need to be comfortable to wear while you walk in them as well. They should be practical as well; waterproof or water resistant is a must, and they should have non slip soles so that they can be used in icy conditions too. They should be easy to slip on and off, and to fasten too, and the fitting should be perfect of course. Here at Draper of Glastonbury we are experts at producing the finest quality winter boots. We specialise in shearling lined footwear, and have our own factory in England where we produce our range of winter footwear. Our company was established in 1937, and we are a family run business with over 80 years of experience in boots for the winter. They are handmade to perfection, and take over four weeks to finish.

Our warm winter boots are built to last, and we expect them to last for many years to come. They will provide the warmth that you need for many winters, and the reason that they last so long is because of the materials that we use and the methods that we use to manufacture them. Our boots have a leather or suede upper (depending on the design) and this is combined with a shearling lining inside the boot, so that there are two layers of material that form the boot, and there are two layers that need to be worn through before the boots wear out. They are double stitched all the way through to ensure they will never come apart, and the soles are non slip and extremely hard wearing as well.

Best winter boots sold here by Draper are waterproof, because the suede and leather that we use is treated to ensure that no water can get inside of the boot. This means that our winter shearling boots are perfect during snowy weather, and our boots are commonly used during skiing trips in the evenings and they are perfect for this. Some of our boots have zips at the front, side and some have laces too. We offer both men’s and women’s boots.

Shearling lined winter boots are available in a few different width fittings, so that you can find the perfect pair of boots for you. Some of our winter warm boots shearling are a wider fitting, and most are a wider fitting than regular, because this allows room for thick socks to be worn as well, and it also allows for wider feet which are very common. Some of our womens shearling lined winter boots are regular fitting and others are better for narrower fitting.

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