How Do I Know If My Shearling Slippers are Genuine?

Are you planning to buy high quality footwear for your requirements? Unsure about how to choose genuine shearling slippers that are assured to offer your feet the utmost comfort? With the availability of a number of options in the market, you may find it challenging to come across the genuine ones. But fret no more! We have come up with this comprehensive blog post to help you come across the best and most authentic options. After all, it is your feet that deserve the luxury and warmth of natural material. So, let's find out:

Things to Take Note of for Finding Real Shearling Slippers

1. Feel the Difference: Genuine Shearling’s Unmatched Softness

Pure shearling slippers feature an unmistakable softness. You can assess its softness for authenticity. It is of high quality and pure and tends to have a velvety and soft texture, which can be challenging to replicate.


You can run your fingers over the surface to feel the softness. Real ones offer an extraordinary level of comfort that cannot be imitated with any synthetic materials.

2. The Natural Fur Look: Real Shearling Has a Distinct Appearance

Another important thing that you need to do to check the authenticity of shearling involves observing the appearance of the fur on your slippers. Real ones possess an irregular and natural pattern. You will find that the hairs are not uniform in length. Also, there may be a slight variation in colour, which reflects the authenticity of the material.


On the other hand, faux fur is known for possessing a more consistent and uniform appearance. Also, this particular material lacks the distinct characteristics of authentic lambskin.

3. Temperature Test: Genuine Shearling Adjusts to Your Body Heat

One of the unique qualities of shearling is its capability to adjust your body temperature. To check this trait, you should focus on positioning your hand on the surface of the slippers to feel a gradual warming effect.

Natural sheepskin effectively adjusts to your body heat, offering you a personalised and cosy experience. On the contrary, synthetic materials may not possess the same responsiveness to shifts in temperature.

4. Check the Backing: Real Shearling Slippers Have Suede or Leather Backing

It is also essential to thoroughly examine the backing of your slippers to check their genuineness. Authentic footwear typically possesses a leather or suede backing. It contributes to add to the durability of the slippers. Along with that, it also indicates the usage of 100 percent natural lambskin.

Whereas faux options are typically known to have synthetic or fabric backings, they lack the authenticity and quality of the real deal.

5. Odour Test: Authentic Shearling Has a Distinct, Natural Smell

The odour test is regarded as another great way to check the authenticity. So, you should focus on taking a whiff of your slippers. Sheepskin is known for possessing a distinct and natural smell, which you will fail to find in synthetic materials. Along with that, it also carries an earthy, sheep-like aroma because of the presence of its natural fibres.


If your slippers do not contain this characteristic scent, then it could indicate that they are not manufactured out of natural material.

In a Nutshell

Thus, it is evident from this detailed blog post that checking the authenticity of shearling material typically involves a keen eye and a few sensory tests. However, choosing the real one is highly important for ensuring both your comfort and making the most out of your investment.

By paying close attention to the touch, checking the scent, examining the characteristics of fur, conducting a temperature test, and inspecting the backing, you can confidently find out whether your slippers are manufactured from genuine shearling or not.

Thus, you can confidently make the right choice to suit your specific needs after you are well aware of how to select the real ones. So, why wait any longer? Slip into your favourite pair and indulge in the utmost comfort and luxury!

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