Should Socks be Worn with Shearling Slippers?

If you are not sure or hesitating to go with or without socks with shearling sheepskin slippers, you are certainly not alone. There are a huge number of people who struggle with this decision. It is true that wearing socks with slippers can prove to be extremely comfortable as well as relaxing. But on the other hand, there are many who find wearing socks to be quite uncomfortable. The ones who prefer not to wear socks have their own reasons as follows.
  • Preventing the slippers from wearing out when worn with socks.
  • Socks providing a layer of protection between the foot of the wearer and the slipper.
  • Socks help prevent fungal infections, sweat, and dirt from getting inside.
  • Many feel that wearing socks with slippers is more comfortable.
Shearling  Slippers
On the other hand, many consider that wearing socks with slippers is dated and out of style. They prefer to remove their socks since they like to enjoy the comfort of the slippers barefooted. It is just like giving your feet a chance to breathe. After all, it induces a feeling of relaxation while freeing the feet from the shoes after a long, tiring, and hard day’s work. Slippers prove to be heaven the feet which provides the required comfort after being suffocated and constraint for a long span of time.

Why Going Sockless is a Preferred Choice?

The readers now have an idea about what it feels like to wear shearling slippers with socks or without socks. So, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to understand some of the surprising reasons for going sockless with the slippers.

  • Shearling offers natural insulation which plays a significant role in keeping the feet dry and warm yet without any kind of compromise in the level of comfort. Moreover, shearling is a breathable fiber, thereby allowing much better air circulation.
  • Shearling slippers provide the perfect temperature in almost any weather. It is because of the fact that shearling is naturally thermostatic which means that it helps in keeping the feet of the wearer at a comfortable body temperature regardless of the weather outside that is either hot or cold.
  • These slippers are a custom fit and there is no requirement of wearing socks. Wearing these slippers sockless is undoubtedly the best way to allow the shearling to mold as per the shape of the feet of the wearers for a superiorly comfortable as well as a custom fit.
  • With the softness and comfort of shearling, it feels like walking on the cloud.

Therefore, it would be a very good idea to wear shearling sheepskin slippers without socks.
All wearers should keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule to wear the slippers with or without socks. It completely depends on the wearers about how they would like to wear the slippers with socks or barefooted.

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